Webinar Recap | How to Plan and Budget for Video in Your 2019 Marketing Strategy

Webinar Recap | How to Plan and Budget for Video in Your 2019 Marketing Strategy

We ended 2018 with a bang, hosting our first webinar ever. In case you missed it, here’s a recap with our key takeaways and a full video replay.

Webinar Recap

Why did we host this webinar? To help people think more strategically about video and plan more effective content for their organizations going forward.

It was geared specifically towards the marketing professional who is responsible for crafting a strategic video marketing plan that helps accomplish different marketing and business objectives.

Our presentation consisted of three topic areas:

  • Video in your marketing strategy
  • Planning ahead for video
  • Budgeting for video

Video Replay

Here’s a replay of the webinar- How to Plan and Budget for Video In Your 2019 Marketing Strategy.

Download a PDF of the Webinar Slide Deck.

Key Takeaways

  1. Defining success is imperative to creative effective video
  2. Work backwards from business goals and marketing objectives to develop video strategy
  3. Split the year into quarters when planning your content
  4. Develop your distribution plan before you create anything
  5. The budget to create your content should match the objectives or desired outcome
  6. Save money on production by filming multiple projects in the same day

Video Strategy Guide

Last but not least, we developed a resource to help you determine how video can best perform in your marketing strategy.

You can check that out here and download the Video Strategy Guide for free.

Happy planning!

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