Understanding Post-Production for Commercial Video

Understanding Post-Production for Commercial Video

Blue Key Media’s Post Production Manager, Jared Myers, is on the show this week to offer his knowledge on the technical side of post production. Dan and Jared discuss the process the edit will go through internally and with the client, how to collaborate effectively with your video team, being direct with your feedback, and the behind the scenes parts of video that would surprise people!

Key Takeaways:

  • Bring in key decision makers early on to avoid paying for large changes late in the process.
  • Be direct with your feedback! We want to make the best possible video, and we want it to fit your vision.
  • “Fix it in post” should be avoided when possible by maximizing pre-production and having a strong plan for the production!

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Tory Thompson

Tory Thompson is a cinematographer and editor at Blue Key Media. He is a swiss army knife, interacting across all projects in various ways.