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Improve Recruiting with an Authentic Approach to Hiring

Recruitment videos give companies a modern edge over the competition in order to attract top talent. They’re an approachable way to offer an inside look at your culture, the type of people that thrive, and detailed insight into the job. Manufacturing recruiting videos stand out to potential candidates by cutting through the noise and allowing applicants to better know if the role is a good fit.

Reduce turnover by improving quality of applicants

Stand out at job-fairs and recruiting events

Showcase your culture and people authentically

How We Make Recruitment Videos that Work

To create effective recruitment videos that speak to your ideal candidates and communicate a clear picture of your company, we get to know your employees. We start by conducting pre-interviews to gain insight into what matters most to them. Then we blend elements from them with what’s important to communicate from management and your internal culture to create an authentic video that speaks to potential hires.

Recruitment Video Examples

The proof is in the results

Recruitment Video

How a chemical manufacturer used a recruiting video to reduce turnover by 50%

I felt incredibly comfortable that Blue Key Media took the time to learn about us and how we wanted to portray the information, and their professionalism in capturing it on video was excellent. The end result is an exciting and energizing video that we are so proud to share.

Minde Frederick

Recruiting Manager | Hawkins, Inc

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