Recruit During a Labor Shortage with Hawkins Inc’s Minde Frederick

Recruit During a Labor Shortage with Hawkins Inc’s Minde Frederick

In this episode we chat with Minde Frederick, a talented recruiting manager currently working at Hawkins Inc. Minde was looking to showcase Hawkins Inc to potential employees in an authentic way, and in a manner that could clear up confusion and answer questions all in a neat package. Dan and Minde discuss creating a video that served as a preview for a job position that is tough to describe, the benefits gained when Hawkins Inc started investing in video, harnessing video for training consistency, and saving money on turn-over by attracting right-fit hires!

Key Takeaways

  • Create Job Preview Videos for key positions
  • Video can help maintain consistency across a company
  • Share your company culture authentically

It was great to have Minde on the show to share her thoughts on using video for recruitment. If you’re interested in more insightful conversations, follow Unlocked: Grow Your Business with Video on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Google Podcasts! If you’re looking for outstanding video content for your company, reach out to Blue Key Media for a free, no-pressure meeting!

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