Meet Jared, The Newest Member of Blue Key Media!

Meet Jared, The Newest Member of Blue Key Media!

Meet Jared The Newest Member of Blue Key Media

These are exciting times at Blue Key Media. We’re growing! And we’d like to introduce you to our new editor, Jared Myers.

Jared brings with him a passion for good storytelling, as well as some serious editing chops. His background in the video industry is rooted here in the Twin Cities, though he has spent some time working on productions out in Hollywood.

We’re excited to have him join us, and with his help, we’ll continue to push the boundaries with our work!

Learn a little more about Jared from his Q&A below.

How did you get started in video production?

In high school, I took a broadcast class and was part of my school’s film club. Those two things got me interested in video production and inspired me to attend film school. Since graduating from college in 2015, I have been involved as a video editor on numerous local and national video productions.

What’s your favorite part about the video process?

I enjoy every stage of the video process, but my favorite part is being able to assemble and tell the story in the edit. It’s very similar to putting together a puzzle, you have all of your video and audio that was recorded during production and now you get to assemble it together to create the final story. It’s very fun and satisfying to be able to be a part of the edit process and the creation of the final form of the video.

What has inspired you recently?

The movie 1917 inspired me in the way that it was filmed. The cinematography by Roger Deakins was really amazing and I enjoyed watching behind the scenes to see how it was made.

Any good book recommendations?

“In the Blink of the Eye” by Walter Murch and “The Invisible Cut” by Bobbie O’ Steen. Both very informative books about post-production written by Hollywood video editors.

What’s a fun fact about yourself not many people know?

I worked on a documentary film called “It’s A Rockabilly World” featuring Drake Bell from Drake and Josh. Also my younger brother was the second fastest in the world at cup-stacking when he was younger.

Favorite things to do in your past-time?

I enjoy music, going to concerts, and hanging with friends and my brothers. I also like to bike when it isn’t winter outside, and of course I enjoy watching movies!

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