Making Internal Company Videos More Engaging

Making Internal Company Videos More Engaging

In this episode, Dan and Tory talk about the different ways to create and present more engaging internal company content. These are videos such as onboarding, safety and quality training, and corporate updates. Crafting better internal content can free up resources during new employee orientation, help to standardize safety regulations across locations, keep employees in the loop on company changes, and so much more. Even if they aren’t customer facing videos, putting effort into internal content can help guide the processes and culture of companies big or small!

Key Takeaways:

  • Keep information density in mind, craft bite-sized videos that are easy to find and re-watch.
  • Use internal videos or podcasts to keep your entire company in the loop with the executive team.
  • Inject your company’s culture into onboarding videos to make them more engaging and help information stick with the viewer.

Internal video content is a great way to help companies of all sizes to stay on the same page and save resources throughout the training process. If you want to have a conversation about a recruiting video for your company – reach out to Blue Key Media for a free, no-pressure chat! 

For even more insight into video marketing, check out more episodes of Unlocked: Grow Your Business with Video. Find the show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts!

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Tory Thompson

Tory Thompson is a cinematographer and editor at Blue Key Media. He is a swiss army knife, interacting across all projects in various ways.