Lube-Tech’s JT Bernier Explains the Cost of NOT Using Video

Lube-Tech’s JT Bernier Explains the Cost of NOT Using Video

In an episode of our podcast, Unlocked: Grow Your Business with Video, we chatted with JT Bernier. JT is a successful marketing professional whose career spans high level positions with companies like Best Buy, Northwest Airlines, and currently Lube-Tech. He shared with us years of experience working with video from national commercial campaigns, down to internal company update videos, so let’s get into it!

“…it’s a wholly different thing when it’s seen.”

Off the bat, JT gives us some insight into why he is an advocate for using video in the first place. “Our message needs to be heard and seen in all sorts of different ways..” he explains, sharing how Lube-Tech is proud of their story and their message. At Lube-Tech, they use video in many ways including internal communications, customer facing service offerings, recruiting talented employees, and sharing their values with the world. Lube-Tech is a company that is loud and proud about the culture they have, the good they do for the world, and the moral heart of their business – and JT knew that video is the right tool for expressing this to the world.

“…You can use them very surgically.”

JT narrows in a bit on how they use some of the video content they’ve made. He talks about how you can “onboard” new customers with something like an overview video, or maybe embedding a service video into a sales presentation to connect to the customer emotionally and show them who Lube-Tech is rather than simply telling them.

“There is a cost to not doing video.”

As the episode comes to a close, JT shares his wisdom to companies that are hesitant to spend the marketing money on video. A message to someone worried that the monetary spend on a video won’t have measurable ROI. “If you don’t tell your story in some way, shape, or form in a compelling manner, you might not get that person applying for the job. You might not get that engaged employee.” The cost of not sharing your message can be immeasurable, and yet could be holding your company back from reaching that next level.

Big thank you to JT Bernier for swinging by Blue Key Media’s studio to chat with us. If you’re looking to share your company’s message with the world and you need a great partner, reach out to Blue Key Media for a free, no pressure meeting. If you are interested in more insight into how you can leverage video – follow to the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts!

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