How Manufacturers Can Use Video to Recruit Great Workers During a Labor Shortage

How Manufacturers Can Use Video to Recruit Great Workers During a Labor Shortage

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The past year has taught many companies just how important, and difficult, it is to recruit great employees. Industrial sectors such as manufacturing, construction, and warehousing have been among the hardest hit industries, according to a Washington Post report from June, 2021. So, with “The Great Labor Shortage” still burdening many employers, what can you do to make your company stand out to potential candidates?

Use Video to Market Your Company

When executed properly, video can be an incredibly effective recruiting tool. It can allow you to put a face to your company, share your values and mission, and hone in on what makes your company a unique place to work.

Here are 3 examples of creative recruitment videos we made to help manufacturing companies shine!

Hawkins Water Treatment Group | Recruitment Video

The Approach: Hawkins’ industrial recruitment video watches like an epic job listing. It describes the position, the tools and support you’ll get in the job, and also tells you what they are looking for from applicants.

Why It’s Effective: For this video, we focused on recruiting for a single job position within Hawkins. By narrowing the scope of the message, we had more time to talk about the details. And it worked! Hawkins experienced a decrease in bad fit hires since implementing the video, saving them thousands of dollars.

Nexus Pharmaceuticals | Recruitment Video

The Approach: Nexus was looking to bring in talent to the company, rather than a specific role. For this recruitment video we wanted to highlight the selling points of the company: mission statement, family owned, growth opportunities, volunteer opportunities, and their fun and diverse culture.

Why It’s Effective: It showcases the company’s focus on their fun and diverse culture, how they support their staff, and opportunity offered by Nexus.

LubeTech | Employee Promise

The Approach: Using a mix of scripted and interview, this manufacturing recruitment video uses a diverse cast of real Lube-Tech employees from different parts of the company to share their experiences.

Why It’s Effective: Using real employees sharing stories about how Lube-Tech has empowered them highlights how unique their company culture is, and why working at Lube-Tech is rewarding.

The right approach to a recruiting video is unique to each company we work with. To find the best creative strategy, we like to have a meeting where we can learn about the culture of the company, and whose interest you want to pique. If you’re looking to recruit better candidates, you can schedule a free, no pressure meeting to learn how we can use video to achieve your business goals!

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