Employee Spotlight | Dan West, CEO & Executive Producer

Employee Spotlight | Dan West, CEO & Executive Producer

Hello! I’d like to introduce you to Dan West.

Dan is the founder of Blue Key Media, and probably one of the most ambitious people you’ll meet. He’s a yes man, always taking on new endeavors with excitement. And somehow, he manages well. I guess he’s just one those people who thrives in the busyness of life.

Since Dan asked me to join the team as Creative Director, his role at Blue Key Media has shifted a bit. As the CEO and Executive Producer, he makes sure we’re operating at peak performance and in-line with our vision and values. He still wears many hats, though. You’ll still find him behind the camera on set and editing footage back at the office. I mean, he’s still got to have some fun, right?

Learn a little more about Dan from his Q&A below.

How did you get started in video production?

I’ve always been interested in video production since I was a little boy. My grandpa did photography as a hobby and he made a documentary in Thailand, so my dad was always surrounded by it and interested with it, and he ended up passing down the hobby to me. I remember sitting next to my dad, watching as he learned how to use the original Final Cut Pro. I’d take the DV Cam and create dumb little videos with friends, using my sister’s clothes as costumes in my movies. And then as I grew older, the interest turned into a hobby which eventually grew into a passion. When I was in high school, we would create short sketches for my youth group to replace a speaker going up for announcements and by my senior year, I was the video kid in my hometown, starting to film weddings for friends and create promotional videos for our community center. And the rest is history as they say.

What’s your favorite part about the video process?

Being on set and filming will always be my favorite part of the process. I love getting behind the camera, directing talent to elicit the right emotion, and using light to create depth and interesting composition. I’ve come to love all parts of the process and I get joy just being a part of the video process, even if it’s only explaining to clients the value of video and seeing things click in their mind.

What has inspired you recently?

Lately, I’ve been inspired by a few different individuals in my life that exemplify gratitude and appreciation. They are some of the most humble and genuine people I know, which I believe is due to how grateful they are. They’ve inspired me to be more conscious of the many blessings I have in life.

Any good book recommendations?

I’ve been reading through Donald Miller’s book, Building a Story Brand, and have been really inspired by his process. It’s made me reconsider how I view communications, and has helped improve my approach to video marketing.

What’s a fun fact about yourself not many people know?

I really enjoy Latin dancing and learned how to dance while living in Australia. Salsa is my favorite style with Bachata coming in as close second.

Favorite things to do in your past-time?

I really enjoy backpacking. I always try to plan a trip to the mountains every year to break in my boots and camp beneath the stars. I’m also a big reader, I’m trying to learn Spanish, and I love spending time with my girlfriend. And with the World Cup happening, much of my free time has been spent watching the games.

Blue Key Media is in good hands! We’re fortunate that Dan loves what he does, and is always striving to deliver his best to clients and our team every day.

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