How To Attract More People To Your Booth At A Trade Show

How To Attract More People To Your Booth At A Trade Show

At a Trade Show, getting the attention of passing foot traffic is key so you want to make sure that your booth is as engaging as possible. It needs to grab people’s attention and tell them about your company or products in an interesting way. Video is a powerful tool to stand out from the sea of free pens and stale candy. Don’t know what content to bring with you? Keep reading for a brief guide on the best videos to present at your next event.

Introduce your company or product with a Sizzle Reel

The goal of presenting at a trade show is to introduce your company to as many people as possible as quickly as possible. Sizzle Reels are a great choice for distinguishing an organization from the crowds, and showing off the best of what you have to offer. Let a video cover company highlights so representatives can focus on individual conversations. This is especially helpful if you’re new to the industry or live events. Debuting a sizzle reel about your company intrigues onlookers right away.

Showcase the products and services that they won’t find elsewhere

Trade Shows are the time and place to show off! Use product and service videos to wow visitors about what you offer better than other companies, how you are different from competitors, or how you offer a solution that no one else can. If you’ve recently rolled out a fresh new product, launched a new service or revamped an existing one, bring videos that pitch and/or demonstrate exactly what clients are missing!

Company Culture videos with bold visuals

It’s important to sell and relate to customers and other industry players. More companies are prioritizing values and culture in their business models and audiences are responding very well to this. Trade shows are loud, making it hard to use dialogue or storytelling. Strong visuals will be the driving force here, so bring culture videos that play well without sound. Whether it’s your employees cleaning up a beach to show your environmental impact, volunteer or charity initiatives to showcase a company’s social ethics, or just smiling and enthusiastic employees that illustrates how much your people love working for you!  Displaying content that might impact crowds on a personal level could be the hook they needed to spend more time at your booth.

Give them a virtual tour

If showcasing your facilities is a core aspect of enticing prospective clients and closing deals, trade shows can be difficult to feature these spaces.. A slick solution is a tour video showing attendees the coolest or most impressive elements of your company’s facilities. Bonus points if it was produced with Drone/ aerial shots, or a go-pro. It’s the next best thing to walking around in-person, and for manufacturing or construction it might be the safer option as well. If you don’t have a designated “tour” video, use something similar, like what you may show new hires to help familiarize them with different locations, workspaces, and equipment.

For most companies, attending a trade show is an opportunity to reach potential customers and build relationships. The best videos to present at a trade show are ones that will promote yourself and show how you can stands out among close competition. Don’t shy away from asking for feedback on your booth find out what drew people in. If you design a dynamic presence that includes elements of video, you can bet that’s what caught their attention.

If you’re still weighing your choices, reach out to the Blue Key team for a free, no pressure consultation to find the right way to captivate a crowd at your next trade show!

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