Adapting to Virtual Events and Conferences

Adapting to Virtual Events and Conferences

2020’s global push for virtual events, meetings, and gatherings feels like it happened overnight. Some companies were left scrambling to not only transition online, but to do so in a professional and presentable manner. An increasingly virtual workplace doesn’t have to be difficult. Prep yourself with helpful tips, and find the missing keys to a smoother digital transition for your future events and conferences.

Invest in webcams

Many laptop cameras work great for virtual meetings! But if you’re operating with ol’ reliable that you bought in 2009, your picture quality could be lagging. Webcams are much more affordable than they have been in the past, as low as $40 for full HD.

Technology can be unapproachable for many, though. To get around the stress of shopping and comparing virtual equipment, production companies like Blue Key Media can be hired to help mitigate the investment. We coordinate live-stream events with state of the art camera packages, giving your virtual events and conferences polished appearances.

Log in early

Technology loves to test us when we least expect it. Checking microphones, cameras, batteries, and internet connection can take two seconds when it’s all working well, or 15 minutes when something’s finicky, and could make you late or appear unprepared. Logging in early avoids all this.

Environment will set the tone

If you’re having a casual check in with colleagues, taking a virtual meeting at a coffee shop or from your couch is acceptable. But to elevate your online presence, choose a space where you can control sound and light.

It should have very little distractions, and be clean, quiet, and comfortable! Sitting at a desk or table, as opposed to using your lap, will also help. Blue Key Studios hosts a variety of digital-based projects – like podcasting or online education. Picking a professional studio like Blue Key Media will stand out on screen.

Your go-to appearance

If you can, choose a dedicated uniform that works well on camera. Avoid tight or restricting clothing, noisy fabrics (save your windbreaker for another day!), and busy patterns like ditsy florals or small stripes.

Budget for video production

In-person events can be based almost entirely on conversation and no one would bat an eye. Holding a guest’s attention in a virtual event that way is much harder. Engage with guests with pre-produced video content.

Make videos and content ahead of time to give presenters breathing room, pace the overall event, and add a dynamic edge to the overall experience. Video production for events can range from short transitions/ introductions, 2-3 minute clips, extended explainers, and more. Producing video creates an overall more familiar and comfortable event to attend.

Get comfortable being on camera. Digital meeting spaces are here to stay and will only become more influential over time. Adapting to virtual environments can take some getting used to. Implement these techniques and you’ll be ready for your next big event without even leaving the house! For help hosting more captivating events contact the producers at Blue Key Media for a free, no pressure consultation!

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