7 Simple but Effective Ways Your Business Can Leverage Video During Quarantine

7 Simple but Effective Ways Your Business Can Leverage Video During Quarantine

7 Simple But Effective Ways Your Business Can Leverage Video During Quarantine

During these strange and challenging times, video content is as useful a tool as ever.

That’s why we’ve come up with some quick and easy ways your business can use video right now for sales, marketing, and HR purposes.

What can your business be doing right now with video

We understand that for many small or medium-sized businesses, producing video content sounds intimidating. But, fear not. Everything listed below can be filmed using your phone or laptop, and can be posted without any editing.

Sharing quick updates

Are you still operating during this time? At what capacity?

  • Show how things are still operating as usual
  • Show how things are different – could be something interesting or light-hearted

Bringing physical things online

If people can’t come to your physical location, how can you still reach them?

  • Host a webinar instead of cancelling your event
  • Post videos of your product online

Staying connected with people within your business

  • Pre-recorded morning meetings for employees who are working from home with kids, dogs, or shared living spaces while still providing leadership, accountability, etc. 
  • Frequent team meetings via video chat to stay connected – Seeing faces/hearing voices is a breath of fresh air, and keeps people from feeling quite so distant and isolated

Staying connected with your customers

  • Send personalized videos to each of your top/repeat clients, assuring them that you’re still here for them during all of this
  • Or post one general video, geared towards all of your clients, sharing the same sentiment

Training and onboarding new employees

Use this time to record the spiel you give every new hire, so that:

  1. onboarding can continue, despite physical restrictions
  2. future hires can be onboarded more efficiently, even after restrictions are lifted

Staying top of mind within your circle

  • Share your thoughts/perspective on how your industry has been affected, and how it’s adapting
  • Reach out to see if anyone needs help
  • Share a story of something that happened this week
  • Remind people of what you do
  • Share something positive or humorous, even if it’s unrelated to what your business does

Strengthening your reputation/credibility

  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to your loyal customers and clients, asking them to post a short video on social media about your product or service – If you want a bigger impact, make it a raffle where every time they post they get entered into a contest to win a free product, gift-card, etc.
  • Give some helpful advise or insight to others based on your unique expertise

ANYTHING is better than nothing at all

If you only do one thing on this entire list, consider it a win. If you’re already doing two or three, that’s fantastic. Challenge yourself to do one or two more.

And get creative with these. Have a little fun, even. Is it crazy to think that a business update you share on social media could be something enjoyable to watch? I think not.

Of course, these are all general suggestions and some may not apply to your specific business. So if you’re having trouble thinking of ideas, we’d be happy to take 5 or 10 minutes to hear about your situation and help you generate a few ideas.

Reach out- we’re going to make it through this together!

Schedule a free, no-pressure consultation to discuss your objectives and how we might partner with your business to accomplish them with effective video content.

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Dan West

Dan West is the Owner and Lead Creative Director at Blue Key Media.