5 Videos Every Industrial Company Needs

5 Videos Every Industrial Company Needs

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So, your company is ready to invest in video. Great, now comes the big question: what type of video do you put your money towards? In this article, I’m going to walk you through 5 types of video content that every industrial and manufacturing company should be investing in.

Overview Video

This video is more general, but can be effectively used to communicate who you are, what your culture is, and what your company can provide. Overview videos are helpful to get your name out there in B2B marketing, and act as a digital business card to potential partners. Be careful though, it can be easy to try and shove WAY TOO MUCH information into this type of video. Remember, this is a first impression. Keep your message authentic and succinct. It doesn’t have to say it all, it just has to say it right.

Testimonial Video

Testimonials are a tried and true method of building trust quickly. Having a real customer sharing the outstanding experience or product you provided to them can go a long way with helping to bring in new clients or jobs.

Service Offering Video

The Service Offering video is your company’s chance to really hone in on a specific service, specialty, or capability you excel at. Unlike the overview video, the service video would be perfect for explaining a sector of your business in detail, allowing you to have a very targeted piece of marketing content to share with potential or returning partners.

Training & HR Video

Things like new employee onboarding and safety training aren’t the most glamorous parts of any job, but they are necessary and can be costly as a company grows. Investing in a video, or series of videos, that can automate and systematize some of the process will help save time and money. It also ensures every employee receives a consistent message, never missing an important step or detail.

Recruiting Video

To attract a wider swath of job applicants and find more candidates who are the perfect fit, you’re going to need to look into recruitment videos. There are many options for how to create your recruitment content, so let’s take a look at some styles.

Job Preview Video: We have written about these videos before, but Job preview videos are a fantastic way to showcase a specific job position within your company that may be hard to put into words alone.

Culture Video: A lot of people’s lives are spent on the job. Showcasing your company’s amazing culture could be the thing that invites a great applicant to apply. You’ve worked hard to maintain an exciting company culture, so why not show it off?

How You Help the World Video: This one isn’t strictly a “recruiting video”, but many employee’s want to know that the place they work cares about the community, the earth, the environment, etc. They want to know that their job does good in the world. Highlighting things like causes you donate to or community service you engage in might be the thing that makes your company more desirable than another.

You have many options on how to make the most out of your video budget. Plus, you can always rely on your video production team to help plan the creative side of your video content to ensure you’re telling the right story, and hitting your goals. If you’re ready to start creating great video marketing, schedule a free, no pressure meeting with the Blue Key Media team!

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