5 Questions Every Company Needs to Ask Itself Before Creating Video

5 Questions Every Company Needs to Ask Itself Before Creating Video

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Whether you’re creating a recruitment video, an explainer video, or a new brand video, one of the core components to an effective video is strategy. Without a solid foundation, your video will lack the direction it needs to resonate with its intended audience and achieve meaningful results.

We’ve worked with many industrial and manufacturing companies to create successful videos. These are the 5 key questions we ask every client to ensure their video achieves results.

1. What problem is this video solving in your business?

What’s the point of a video if it isn’t solving something? Identifying the problem video solves also helps you understand the value video brings. Are you struggling to attract leads to your website? Great, let’s craft something that can be used in an awareness campaign to drive more visitors to the website. Do you have plenty of leads, but have a hard time closing the deal? Maybe we need to create a powerful testimonial video to build confidence and social proof. When you know the purpose of your video, you can craft a more intentional message.

2. Who do you want to see your video?

Having an intimate understanding of your intended audience is vital to creating an effective video. Be specific as possible and only have 1 primary audience that will influence all your decisions. The most common pitfall we see when answering this question is choosing everyone as the audience. When you try to be everything to everyone, you accomplish being nothing to anyone.

3. If your viewer can only walk away with one message, what should it be?

Know what the single most important message you need to communicate is and lean into it. People will likely only watch your video once and might not even finish it, as the average completion rate of video is around 80%. A video with one cohesive message will be more easily remembered, resulting in a more effective video.

4. Where will your audience interact with this video?

Knowing how you’ll use the video and where your audience will interact with it influences the end deliverable significantly. Video can be tailored and optimized to take advantage of each platform. For Instagram, you should have a square video and under 60 seconds. For videos used in emails, maybe you need an engaging thumbnail to entice the reader to watch the video. You might need subtitles burned into the video to cater for those listening to your video without sound. The possibilities are endless when you start considering best practices for each specific use case. But if you don’t consider this prior to making your video, you’re losing out on missed opportunities.

5. How will you measure success?

This ties directly into the first question“which problem is the video solving?” Having specific metrics to gauge the impact of your video is critical to know objectively whether or not your video is successful. This could be tied to a specific call to action in the video, metrics you receive from your website about click through rates, reduction in employee turnover, etc. Figure out how you’ll measure success to have a better understanding of the value the video is providing.

Having a solid foundation will help you create successful video, every time.

Strong video production for industrial and manufacturing brands is essential these days. You need to be able to cut through the noise and create a video that resonates. If you can confidently answer each of these questions, your video is sure to be a success and drive meaningful value to your business.

Need help getting started with these 5 questions? Reach out to our team for a free, no-pressure consultation!

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Dan West

Dan West is the Owner and Lead Creative Director at Blue Key Media.