5 Examples of Effective Recruitment Videos for Manufacturing Companies

5 Examples of Effective Recruitment Videos for Manufacturing Companies

As a manufacturer, how do you attract and retain skilled workers when the talent pools are dry and the competition is steep?

Some companies are using video to stand out in their industry and ultimately, win over more job candidates. If properly executed, video is a very effective recruitment tool for manufacturing companies.

Here are 5 examples of manufacturing recruitment videos that got it right. (note – we didn’t create these videos, but thought they were great examples)

1. Harley Davidson

Approach: This is more of an emotional approach to recruitment. It’s not meant to educate potential employees as much as it’s meant to inspire them.

What this video tells us: There’s great pride in building Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Why it’s effective: It gets at the core of their company’s beliefs and values. We see real employees on the production line and hear them share about why they’re proud to work there.

2. FMC Technologies

Approach: This video is honest, raw, and meant to turn away the faint of heart from an extremely demanding job in the oil and gas industry. It feels more like watching a short-form documentary than a corporate marketing video.

What this video tells us: Working for FMC Technologies is like joining a brotherhood.

Why it’s effective: Real workers share openly about the job’s challenges and why it’s not for everyone. But they also share why it’s worth it, despite the challenges, to work for FMC Technologies. By setting realistic expectations with applicants up front, this video helps to recruit employees that won’t be such a challenge to retain.

3. Aerotek

Approach: Short and to-the-point with its delivery, this video is meant to attract candidates that are looking for a long-term career.

What this video tells us: The people of Aerotek work hard, and they’re well-rewarded for it.

Why it’s effective: It’s only 30 seconds, yet still compelling. In that short amount of time, we hear a lot of great snippets from employee interviews, like from the guy who was able to put his daughter through college because of how well Aerotek pays its people.

4. Kellogg’s Manufacturing & Distribution

Approach: This video has a friendly, upbeat feel and it’s meant to excite candidates about the benefits of a career at their company.

What this video tells us: There’s tons of upwards potential for employees in any role at Kellogg’s.

Why it’s effective: Kellogg’s wants to hire passionate people who are looking to build a career within their company. So the video features a diverse set of longstanding employees who share about their growth within the company, and how great the benefits are.

5. Mission Bell

Approach: This video is focused on opportunities within a specific area of their company, and it’s meant to help candidates feel like they belong there.

What this video tells us: There’s a desirable place at Mission Bell for people with experience, and also for those without.

Why it’s effective: With a more narrow focus, their video can better resonate with the targeted group of candidates they’re looking to hire. It features a range of shop employees who share about their experience working there, and HR staff who share about the company and opportunities within. They also provide a clear call-to-action to conclude the video, inviting viewers to visit their facility for a tour.

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